Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snorkling in Key West

Just had a little surprise. Am returning from Miami tomorrow, 29 June, not 30 June as I had thought. This due to time difference. Was alerted to this important fact by hotel staff locking me out of room due to paying for only three nights instead of the 4 booked. Phew.

Now, to try and raise the class of my recent blog entries, I decided to go snorkling in Key West. This involved a three and half hour trip each way in a cramped minibus. Advice to fellow travellers: spend the extra USD20 on Miami Nice Tours, and do not book with Infinite, despite the fact they seem to have sewn up every hotel in Miami. Infinite seems cheap at USD45 odd, but it really is not comfortable on vinyl seats cheek by jowl for that length of time. Plus drivers who seem to be very grumpy to be driving at all, and lengthy round Miami pickups and set downs before you start. Also, if you're going for such a long trip, stay the night and enjoy the sunset, I will for sure next time, since Key West locals seem a very friendly and attractive lot. Anyway, once in Key West, the boat we went snorkelling on was way in excess of expectation and cost less per head than the minibus ticket. Storms were blowing up all around us, including an ominous-looking-but-inoffensive waterspout (pictured below). Unfortunately no pics of snorkling since I was way too excited and wet, but below are the boat pics and one of a cyclist in Key West. I did see a barracuda, and various garoupas, yellow, beautiful. Next time and underwater camera. Also, a special bit of sea treasure I retrieved from 6 meters: a plastic reference guide to tropical fish-spotting. I will post a pic of this next. I know you need proof.

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